Monday, March 3, 2014

Windwalker by Natasha Mostert

*Received via NetGalley, Portable Magic Ltd., and Natasha Mostert for review*

From the award-winning author of Season of the Witch, comes a highly original story of murder, redemption, eternal love and destiny. WINDWALKER will keep you on the edge of your seat. And break your heart.

When photographer, Justine Callaway, walks into the deserted English mansion, Paradine Park, she doesn’t suspect that she is opening the door to the greatest mystery–and magic–of her life.

Justine becomes obsessed by the family who used to live in the house, especially the oldest son, Adam Buchanan. But why is she so drawn to a man who had killed his brother nine years before? And why, as she photographs the house, does she discover ghostly images she knows she did not record?

Even more unsettling, she senses someone is stalking her, watching her...

- Goodreads

I loved this! It's beautiful, strange, exotic, and just plain addictive to read. I couldn't wait to pick this back up and immerse myself in these people's lives. It was so interesting and heartbreaking at the same time!

This book focuses heavily on reincarnation and not only having a life path that is predestined for us, but also having a soul-mate that we're searching for throughout all our joined lives. 

Adam and Justine are living a world apart from each other, but they still sense each other and it's only a matter of time before their paths must cross. 

The whole concept on this story intrigued me and I really enjoyed it, especially how it was written. I love the way Natasha Mostert writes, it's almost like poetry, it just speaks to me so deeply and makes me feel! 

At first I really didn't understand what the point of having The Watcher, who likes to watch Justin and is pretty much stalking her, but I felt it added a good bit of suspense to the story. 

I loved the characters in this, and even though this isn't a romance in the traditional sense, I felt that overall this book was very romantic, especially toward the end. 

I think I would have liked this better without the epilogue, but I'm not really complaining because I loved everything else so much. 

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