Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anita Blake turning 20!

For those of you that have never heard of Laurell K Hamilton's, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, it is possibly the best supernatural series ever written. It focuses on and is told in the 1st person by Anita Blake, a necromancer/vampire executioner/paranormal consultant for the St. Louis police. So far I've read 18 of the 22 books in this series, and they are amazing!

I first started reading Laurell K. Hamilton's, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series about 7 years ago. A friend and I decided to read it after becoming enthralled with vampires after reading Twilight. We first started out with Anne Rice's vampire series, but that quickly became overshadowed by Anita Blake, since nothing really can compete with Anita! It's hard to believe and absolutely amazing to think that Anita is celebrating her 20th year in publication!

The way that Hamilton writes is so addicting, and I love how although she writes fantasy she blends it so perfectly with our own world that it seems logical for it to be real. I feel like I could go to St. Louis and find vampires lurking in the shadows or run into a werewolf at the Lunatic Cafe. 

Out of all the book series that I've read, this series is, and I'm sure always will be, the one I love the most. This is the first series that showed me that women could be bad-ass too! Also, that women don't have to be damsels in distress and are perfectly capable of saving themselves, (especially since most of the time no one but yourself is going to give a damn). 

I love Anita so much, and although this is ultimately her story, it wouldn't be complete without all of the men in her life! It's hard to pick a favorite! hehe!

The only disclaimer I would have to put about this series is that if you can't stand violence or sex, then this series isn't for you. There is plenty of both in it. 

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