Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Line by J.D. Horn

Mercy Taylor, the youngest member of Savannah’s preeminent witching family, was born without the gift of magic. She is accustomed to coming in a distant second to the minutes older, exquisite and gifted twin she adores. Hopelessly in love with her sister’s boyfriend, she goes to a Hoodoo root doctor for a love spell. A spell that will turn her heart to another man, the best friend who has loved her since childhood.

Aunt Ginny, the family’s matriarch, would not approve. But Mercy has more to worry about than a love triangle when Aunt Ginny is brutally murdered. Ginny was the Taylor family’s high commander in the defense of the bewitched line that separates humankind from the demons who once ruled our realm. 

A demon invasion looms now that the line is compromised. Worse yet, some within the witching world stand to gain from a demon takeover. Mercy, entangled in the dark magic of her love spell, fighting for her sister’s trust, and hopelessly without magic, must tap the strength born from being an outcast to protect the line she doesn’t feel a part of... 

In this riveting contemporary fantasy, Horn delivers the full betrayal, blood, and familial discord of the best of Southern gothic. - Goodreads

This book starts out slowly, but builds up and boils over at the very end for a reading experience that is just plain awesome! I really enjoyed this book and it had so many twists. Also, getting it for free from the Amazon Prime program wasn't half bad either, and I think I'll have to take advantage of their free monthly book more often.

I loved and hated the characters in this book! I thought Mercy was very well written, being a good mixture between vulnerable, independent, strong, and foolishly stupid. I loved Peter too, but I'm still not sure if I like him that much, he's kind of too nice in my opinion, but I love his eyes!

The only problem I have with this book is that now I'm hungry to know what happens next and I have to wait until July to read the next book.

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