Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wednesday Riders (Island Trilogy # 2) by Tudor Robins

The island.

Meg can’t wait to get back. She’s excited to see her new mare kick up her heels in Salem’s old paddock. She’s impatient to run on country roads between breeze-blown hayfields.Mostly, Meg longs to be back with Jared again.
It’s going to be the perfect summer.

But can real life live up to Meg’s huge expectations?

When Jared makes a heart-wrenching confession, Meg has to re-evaluate everything. If perfection’s not possible, can Meg find a way to build happiness for herself? Fans of Appaloosa Summer will welcome the return to familiar places and characters, with the chance to be captivated by more of the beauty, romance, and dreaminess of Meg’s summer island life.

I've found a new favorite author in Tudur Robins. I love the way she writes and her knowledge of horses. I've spent my whole life around horses and it's refreshing to find a book that can even teach me a few things about horsemanship. 
I really enjoyed the main character, Meg, more in this book rather than the first. She seemed more relatable to me. 
I don't want to give away too much, but there is a major twist in the beginning of this book, which I for one never saw coming, but ended up being an enjoyable read.
If you like books about horses or even just young adult romance type genre, then I would definitely check this one out. Preferably after you read Appaloosa Summer. 

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