Sunday, February 16, 2014

OMG. That's Paleo by Juli Bauer

OMG. That's Paleo? features 30 new recipes never seen before on author Juli Bauer's blog,, as well as a selection of her best blog recipes. Sections include poultry, beef, pork, fish/seafood, slow cooker, sweet and savory breakfasts, baked goods, 5-ingredient meals, side dishes, snacks and desserts; and each recipe features a color photo. Juli also writes about the paleo diet in general and why it works for her, suggestions for keeping a kitchen well stocked, and recommended resources for further reading. And just like her blog, you can expect plenty of funny stories and awkward moments.

First off, any cookbook that incorporates bacon into the recipes is definitely going to be a winner! 

I really want to try the majority of the recipes shown in this book, but there is one that makes me want to rush out to the grocery store, grab the ingredients, and start cooking right now! It's the Maple Bacon Pecan Pumpkin Donuts! I think that's about as close to heaven on Earth as you're going to get! haha

I also really want to try the carrot fries recipe. I've had sweet potato fries and I loved them. I've also made carrot cake from scratch and loved that as well, so these should be a win for me! Don't know why I didn't find them sooner.

The author's voice is very unique and I loved that. It made this more than just a boring run of the mill cookbook, it was like being given recipes from an old friend. I also love that the author has her own blog, which I now look forward to following! You can follow her too at

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