Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Rule #3: Don't stare at invisible faeries.
Aislinn has always seen faeries. Powerful and dangerous, they walk hidden in the mortal world. Aislinn fears their cruelty - especially if they learn of her Sight - and wishes she were as blind to their presence as other teens.

Rule #2: Don't speak to invisible faeries.
Now faeries are stalking her. One of them, Keenan, who is equal parts terrifying and alluring, is trying to talk to her, asking questions Aislinn is afraid to answer.

Rule #1: Don't ever attract their attention.
But it's too late. Keenan is the Summer King, who has sought his queen for nine centuries. Without her, summer itself will perish. He is determined that Aislinn will become the Summer Queen at any cost — regardless of her plans or desires.

Suddenly none of the rules that have kept Aislinn safe are working anymore, and everything is on the line: her freedom; her best friend, Seth; her life; everything.
Faery intrigue, mortal love, and the clash of ancient rules and modern expectations swirl together in Melissa Marr's stunning twenty-first-century faery tale.
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I really thought that this book would be far better than it turned out to be. I guess I had too high of expectations. The story started out okay and was interesting enough, but after about 30-40 pages I began to get bored, and it wasn't until at least another 60 pages later that the story finally picked up and became interesting again. I had the same feeling toward the end of the book though, where I just wanted it to be over, I was bored. 

I liked Aislinn's character well enough, she's a smart and strong willed young woman, and I like that type of character (I can't stand whiny or stupid girls). Seth and Keenan were okay too, but honestly, neither one of them were really my type of guy (or faerie), and they're supposed to both be stunningly attractive, but I just didn't feel it. 

I guess this story ended up with me struggling through it, just because I wanted it to be over. I just didn't connect enough with the characters, and I didn't really like the author's style of writing, it got kind of confusing at times (but admittedly that was probably partly due to my lack of paying attention). 

If anyone was thinking of reading this book, I wouldn't recommend it. Read Holly Black's faerie books instead, they're WAY better!

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